Did Ashton Irwin Leave 5Sos

Did Ashton Irwin Leave 5SOS?

Did Ashton Irwin Leave 5SOS?

5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) is an Australian pop-rock band formed in 2011. The band consists of members Luke Hemmings,
Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin. They gained international recognition with their debut
single “She Looks So Perfect” in 2014, and have since released successful albums and toured worldwide.

Recently, rumors have been circulating about Ashton Irwin’s departure from 5SOS. Fans were shocked and concerned
about the future of the band without one of its founding members. However, these rumors appear to be baseless
and misleading.

According to credible sources close to the band, Ashton Irwin has not left 5SOS. The rumors seem to have originated
from misinterpretations of his social media activity and individual endeavors outside of the band. It’s essential
to separate fact from fiction and not jump to conclusions without proper evidence.

Ashton’s Solo Projects

In recent months, Ashton Irwin has been exploring his musical talents outside of 5SOS. He released his solo album,
“Superbloom,” in October 2020, which received positive reviews from both critics and fans. However, this does
not indicate his departure from the band.

Many artists pursue solo projects while still being active members of a band. It allows them to express their individual
creativity and explore different genres. Ashton’s solo ventures complement his work with 5SOS and do not signify
his departure from the group.

Band’s Statement

In a recent interview, 5SOS collectively addressed the rumors surrounding Ashton Irwin’s departure. They clarified
that Ashton remains an integral part of the band and that they are excited about their future projects together.
The band reaffirmed their strong bond and commitment to their music.

It’s essential to trust the official statements from the band members themselves rather than relying on speculation
and hearsay.

Support from Fellow Musicians

Fellow musicians have also expressed their support for the band and debunked the rumors about Ashton’s departure.
Artists like Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Hayley Williams have publicly praised 5SOS’s music and acknowledged
their talent as a four-member band.

These endorsements from respected artists within the music industry should alleviate any concerns about Ashton leaving
the group.

Future Projects and Speculations

Ashton Irwin’s solo ventures and individual achievements should be seen as complementary to his work in 5SOS rather
than a sign of leaving the band. The members of 5SOS have repeatedly expressed their enthusiasm for future projects
together, assuring fans that the band’s unity remains intact.

While it is normal for bands to explore their individual interests, it does not mean they will dissolve. 5SOS has
always emphasized their strong bond and dedication to their music, making it highly unlikely that Ashton would
leave the band.


In conclusion, the rumors about Ashton Irwin leaving 5SOS are unfounded. Ashton remains an essential part of the
band, and his solo projects should be seen as a complement to his work within 5SOS.

As fans, it’s crucial to trust the official statements from the band members themselves and support them in their
individual endeavors. 5SOS continues to create great music and looks forward to exciting future projects with

So, rest assured, Ashton Irwin is still rocking it with 5 Seconds of Summer!

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